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You Don't Exist Without A Street Address

You Don't Exist Without A Street Address

We’ve encountered numerous obstacles as we transition from life on land to life at sea. Wading through the treasures (and minutiae) of everything we’ve collected from birth is no small task. Deciding what needs we will have 6 months into the future is an exercise in futility. And selling everything from cars to belt buckles has been nothing short of exhausting.

One hurdle that has proven quite formidable through this process has been the lack of a permanent address.  Not just ANY address, but a STREET address.

Who knew how important this would be?!

From banks to credit card companies to insurance agencies to just about any organization where we have an account, the constant refrain of “I’m sorry, we NEED a street address” became monotonous.

We do have a mailing address - a PO Box. But to get that PO Box, guess what we needed?  A STREET address!

Even taking the time to politely explain our situation to the multitude of companies didn’t seem to appease the insatiable desire of needing a street address. “I’m sorry sir. We can’t accept your mailing address without a STREET address.” Does that even make sense? Well, evidently it does to the customer service reps in India.

What is a nomadic family to do? Well, we did what any family does when they are stuck and don’t know where else to turn.  Google!

Evidently, this whole street address issue isn’t a widespread need because there are very few (2 or 3?) companies that actually provide a service in supplying street addresses to families without a residence.

On the upside, choosing a street address from one of these companies also allows us to choose what city and state we live in. So with one phone call, ¡voilá!, we can “live” in Seattle or Miami or New York or Dallas or Walla Walla…okay, maybe not Walla Walla, but you get the idea.

So, our next big challenge is not learning the difference between a halyard and jib sheet, it’s choosing a street address that we will only ever visit via Google Earth.

Although it's been perplexing at the very least and highly annoying at the very most, we have resigned ourselves that this whole address charade is a game we must play to move forward. So onward and upward with a fake street address!

Just remember, next time we share our new address with you, don't "drop in" on us - chances are we won't be "home."

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