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Selling The House...And Everything Else

Selling The House...And Everything Else

Downsizing is no joke.

When we first put our house on the market, the natural progression of most conversations began with the question why?  

We lived in a beautiful home in an idyllic location in rural Bryan, Ohio with family-like neighbors, and no new plans to move to a new city or change jobs, so our reply — we want something smaller — garnered either blank stares accompanied by silence or knowing nods with excited discussion about the tiny house movement.

Three+ years later, we’ve sold that beautiful place to move into space tinier than a tiny house {a sailboat!} and are in the harrowingly messy and chaotic process of downsizing.  And let me tell you, this downsizing business? It is no. joke.

Because here’s the thing, before moving from the house, we literally sold {what we, at the time, thought was} everything: couches and chairs, beds and tables, toys and games, knickknacks and artwork, books and music, bikes and balls, coats and shoes, chairs and costumes, plants and rakes… ohmigoodness… so. much. stuff.

And since we didn't yet have our tiniest of tiny spaces, we moved what we *thought* would be a compact, neatly stacked couple of bins and boxes into our temporary location.  What we ended up with, however, was a giant mess of muddled mayhem in the shape of boxes and bins and bags lining hallways and floors and closets.  

The immediate work still ahead of us includes handling every memory ever commemorated materially in the form of photos and trinkets;  every important paper ever filed (think social security cards and passports, taxes and medical bills); and every stray electronic cord and thumb drive, disc and whatnot saved for such a time as never.

Friends and family and acquaintances alike observe our purging and describe it as “freeing.”  How freeing it must be, they say, to get rid of all the excess stuff.  I trust we will feel that freedom... sometime.

But truth be told?  Right now, we’re buckling just a bit under the disarray and disorganization, the endless to-do list, the constant decision-making about even the tiniest items.

Those who have traveled this path before assure us that this in-between time — this good-bye to the journey past and preparation for the journey forward — is the most difficult part of the entire adventure.  We’re taking them at their word; we’re optimistic about what lies ahead; and we’ll stay persistent at this purging, leaning into a future that will most certainly hold freedom, indeed.


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